1. I have had a panty fetish since I was a boy but after spending many hours trawling the internet I just couldnt find what I was looking for. I got sick of all the skinny young American models wearing thongs that sadly masqurades as 'upskirt' and sick to death of the same old grannies that appear on every site under the heading of 'mature'. I wanted to see REAL women, the kind you see walking around Tesco's or picking the kids up from school, the kind of woman that lives in every road in Britain, women like your neighbours and the mothers that live down your street. I wanted to see up their skirts and see the knickers and bra's that they wear everyday of the week, I wanted to see real women wearing real knickers. Well it proved impossible and I soon realised that the site I wanted to join just did not exist and so i decided to make my own.

I have managed to gain unique access to very hard up family's and many of the housewives are only too happy to do some secret modeling for extra cash. I have no idea what will happen when I first turn up at a ladies house, none of them have ever modeled before but all have agreed to show their knickers for a fee, but thats all they have agreed to do. However, once we begin to film and they loose some of their shyness, many but not all, are happy for the opportunity to do other things for extra cash, some will agonising over whether to take the cash or not and some say yes and some say no, thats just life but its always the ladies decision. Some ladies need the money so badly they will even do things they have never done before, like take a huge facial or let me cum in their mouths, things they wont even do for their husbands. All the footage is shot by myself so you can be sure it always consists of the most amazing wanking material which makes this site the one I could never find and just did not exist before now!

2. ABSOLUTELY YES! These ladies have never done anything like this ever before and that comes out in the movies as you see how nervous they are. These are not escorts or prostitutes but REAL British housewives, mothers, grandmothers and neighbours, their husbands and families have no idea what they are doing to earn extra money and although it is against their nature they are so desperate they are happy to turn to me when they need money fast and I always do my best to help out, this is why such a high percentage of these ladies agree to let me do whatever I want to them for the extra cash.

3. No catch! Its all true you will have access to the whole of the site and all of the future updates for half the joining price. I think loyal customers should be rewarded and I just wish that some of the sites I have joined over the years had done the same for me!

4. The name we use is 'ONESTOP' which is nice and anonymouse and easy to explain to the 'missus'.

5. Our customer support is 100% and second to none, the most important thing to us is a happy customer so you can be assured that we will do everthing in our power to make sure your stay with us is as enjoyable as possible. I was also a porn surfer for many years and so I got rid of all the things I hated about sites I had joined and put together all the things I liked, and this site is the result!

6. Access to 100%, never before seen original amateur content. These ladies are the real deal, you could be looking at your auntie or grandmother in here. These are real British housewives you could see in any supermarket in the country, economically forced do things they would never normally consider. Watch as they agonise over whether they should go further for extra cash convinced the old man could never find out and watch as some of them actually begin to enjoy it. Panty cumshots are always tried for but many of the ladies over a period of a few shoots and when they settle down will do facials, blowjobs, handjobs, titjobs and anything else I can think of but its always their own decision.

7. I update a picture set and movies at each week, and a double picture update every 3rd week.

11. No, there's no download limit but there is a huge archive of material, over 200 gig of movies and 30,000 Hi-Res pics so you better have plenty of tissues handy!




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